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Gopal’s Garden Homeschool Co-op

Gopal's Garden Homeschool Co-op On Saturday, July 4th, 2020, My Fine Mind donated school supplies to Gopal's Garden Homeschool Co-op in New Vrindaban, WV. My Fine Mind is extremely grateful to start another partnership with the New Vrindaban’s Gopal’s Garden Home School Co-op. We received many notebooks, folders,

Diwali Mela Pt. 2

Diwali Mela Pt. 2 On Saturday, October 12, 2019, My Fine Mind took part of the annual Diwali Mela in Secaucus, NJ. The event is held by Indian Caucus of Secaucus and celebrates the Indian festival of lights. At the event, businesses and nonprofits are allowed to open

HFH Donation

Donation of School Supplies and Teaching Material to HFH My Fine Mind is incredibly grateful to start another partnership with Homes for the Homeless. Due to the incredible generosity of Edith A. Bogert Elementary School, who bountifully donated many school supplies, we were able to give them to

NYCC Donation

Donation of School Supplies to NYCC My Fine Mind was able to partner with New York Center for Children, NYCC in order to further both NYCC's goals as well as My Fine Mind's. My Fine Mind is incredibly grateful to have started a new partnership the the New

Oasis Shelter Donation

Donation of School Supplies to Oasis My Fine Mind once again donated school materials to our partner, Oasis-A Haven-Women and Children Center. Oasis is a haven for the underprivileged. It is a shelter that serves many services like giving food and education to the needy who cannot afford

Secaucus Street Fair

Secaucus Street Fair My Fine Mind was able to raise a significant amount of money to help further our cause due to the generosity of our donors at the Street Fair as well as the town of Secaucus  My Fine Mind raised a whopping $950 from the Secaucus

Hope House

Hope House My Fine Mind has recently donated 21 backpacks to the 32 kids that are living at the Hope House My Fine Mind donated the backpacks gathered from the previous DECA backpack drive. The Hope House is an emergency shelter for homeless women and children in Jersey

AB&G Fundraiser

Allendale Bar and Grill My Fine Mind has recently received $250 from a fundraiser at the AB&G. My Fine Mind raised $250 from a successful fundraiser at the AB&G. The AB&G is a local, family-owned restaurant in Allendale, NJ. The Kunisch Family, who own the restaurant, kindly allowed

Chipotle Fundraiser

Chipotle Fundraiser My Fine Mind participated in the Chipotle Fundraiser to aid the needy and raised money for future use. My Fine Mind held a fundraiser in Chipotle. We raised $296.44 for the worthy cause. We would like to thank DECA for helping us achieve this fundraiser. DECA


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