Jersey City

Jersey City is the second-most-populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey, after Newark. It is the seat of Hudson County as well as the county’s largest city. As of 2017, the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program calculated that Jersey City’s population was 270,753, with the largest population increase of any municipality in New Jersey since 2010, an increase of about 9.4% from the 2010 United States Census, when the city’s population was at 247,597, ranking the city the 75th-largest in the nation.

A large population may have a few benefits, however, it also has drawbacks. In the case of Jersey City that large population ended up being too much to support. The city’s poverty is on the rise. 45,000 people live under the poverty line in this city, and many of the children require help to attend school.

With your help, My Fine Mind can make a difference and help give back the right to an education to this city. We have partnered with WomenRising and Hope House in Jersey City in order to provide supplies to those in need. Donate now.


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Annual Month of Giving

The Annual Month of Giving is a program held by My Fine Mind every month. Each month there is a certain goal set by My Fine Mind in order to buy and ship school supplies to locations that have suffered from natural disasters. This program allows for My Fine Mind to collect donations for families in urgent need of school supplies. Any form of donation is greatly appreciated.


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