Diwali Mela Pt. 2

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, My Fine Mind took part of the annual Diwali Mela in Secaucus, NJ.

The event is held by Indian Caucus of Secaucus and celebrates the Indian festival of lights. At the event, businesses and nonprofits are allowed to open booths and sell goods and market themselves. The event also invites different celebrities, dance groups, and singers from the town to perform in front of everyone. To learn more about the events that the Indian Caucus of Secaucus hold and what they are all about, visit https://indiancaucus.org/. My Fine Mind gladly participated again in the event this year by selling chips and raised a total of $202.55. We’d like to thank everyone that came and supported us, especially Abigail Williams who kindly donated all her time that Saturday. We hope to do this event every year and Happy Diwali.

my fine mind 2019 diwali mela fundraiser image2

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