Muskan Foundation

Muskan Foundation has the means to maximize the potential of children with multiple disabilities, by providing a nurturing environment that offers customized, comprehensive and cost effective services and equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to sustain the child’s development. The foundation commenced its work with a small group of 4 children, which has swelled to 104 students in three centers and more than 200 children receiving regular therapy. Muskan has three wings that help them achieve their mission. Their first wing, H. G. Hanmante School For Children With Special Needs, provides Special Education Services to children. The second wing, Shardaben G. Shah Early Intervention Centre, is to start intervention in the child’s life as early as possible. Parents are trained here, on how to handle the child at home, what kind of exercises to be done, and to give them the emotional support that is required. Their third wing, J. V. Gandhi Therapy Centre, provides Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Physio therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Art Based Therapy at an affordable cost.

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