Krushay Bhavsar is one of the co-founders of My Fine Mind and also takes on the role of the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer. My Fine Mind was founded when he was in 7th grade and has grown to be a large part of his life. It has taught him many things, such as communication skills, collaboration, and time management.

At first, with his ongoing schooling, Krushay struggled to set time aside for My Fine Mind. He was involved in many extracurriculars such as school sports and clubs. These activities took up most of his time, leaving him with little to no time for My Fine Mind. Over time, however, he learned how to use his time wisely and developed the ability to take on difficult tasks.

With a deep interest in programming and engineering, Krushay was the head of the Engineering Team in his high school Robotics Club. In addition, he was a member of the Cross Country team.

Ever since Krushay was a little boy, he wanted to do something that would impact the world. Other than founding My Fine Mind, he decided to start his own business. Over the years, he has worked on the business’s overall structure and has coded an app to go with it.

Realizing how privileged he is is one of the main reasons he decided to help form this organization. There are countless children out in the world who lack sufficient education, preventing them from getting steady jobs and the luxuries many of us have.