Homes for the Homeless

Homes for the Homeless (HFH) provides families experiencing homelessness with more than just a place to sleep. Each of our HFH Family Residences, located in the Bronx and Queens, offer on-site childcare and social services intended to ensure a holistic and community-oriented support system for residents. Through Family Services, parents receive the support of a team of Housing Specialists, Employment Specialists, Case Managers, and Client Care Coordinators (LMSW) as they strive to provide their families with opportunities for independence and stability. Early Childhood Education Centers provide high-quality childcare and programming for our youngest learners, from literacy to active play. Early intervention is critical to kids’ future success in school, kick-starting their academic and social skills. At K-12 Afterschool, kids can get homework help plus enrichment programming ranging from STEM workshops and art classes to Teen Clubs and field trips. Recreation offers activities and events for the entire family, including team sports and adult education. For more information, go to

My Fine Mind is proud to be a partner of Homes for the Homless