Project Description

Hiya Bhavsar

Hello, my name is Hiya Bhavsar and I am the co-founder of My Fine Mind. My Fine Mind was founded when I was a sophomore at Secaucus High School. My Fine Mind was founded with a vision of spreading education to all people, regardless of their age or gender.

I am currently a STEM student at Secaucus High School. Being the co-founder of My Fine Mind is a tough job with many responsibilities. I am also in charge of the logistical and marketing aspect of the  organization. While juggling my grades and other responsibilities, I have been able to run My Fine Mind with my cousin and colleague, Yajas Shah.

As a highschooler, I am currently a High Honors student and part of the STEM Academy at Secaucus High School. I am also a cross country runner. I have been exposed to many volunteer opportunities and have been able to volunteer at different non profit organizations. These volunteering opportunities lead to the sparking of My Fine Mind.