My Fine Mind was able to donate a large variety of supplies to WomenRising in Jersey City, NJ in order to be used for children and women in need.

Women Rising is a sanctuary for women and their family. They provide jobs, safety from domestic violence, freedom from substance abuse, and safe homes for children. My Fine Mind donated a bulk of supplies to this stunning foundation for them to use towards an education initiative. This includes 7,500 sheet of paper, 7 binders, 5 sets of separators, 26 folders, 12 dictionaries, 24 bottles of glue, 6 notebooks, 106 pencils, 60 markers, 27 pens, 4 book socks, 12 colored pencils, 32 crayons, 2 pencil pouches, 200 index cards, 13 packs of post-its, 744 file folder labels, 2 rulers, 2 staplers, 10,000 staples, 10 sketch pads, and many other miscellaneous supplies. The organization was founded 113 years ago, as a Jersey City YWCA in May 1905 by a group of 168 women who worked at Colgate and Company. Today it has grown into an agency that has served over 9,500 individual clients in 11 programs throughout 11 municipalities. To learn more about Women Rising, visit https://www.womenrising.org/.

My Fine Mind Oasis Donation Image

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