Oasis, a Haven for Women and Children

My Fine Mind was able to donate a large variety of supplies to Oasis in Paterson, NJ in order to be used for children in need.

Oasis is a true haven for the underprivileged. It is a shelter that serves many services like giving food and education to the needy who cannot afford. We have recently donated many supplies to this shelter for the cause. These include 545 books, and around 37,700 sheets of paper. We believe in education and so does Oasis. The shelter has been around since 1997. Ann Wagner and Christine DeVita Breit opened their doors at 320 Main Street. Their motive was to provide meal services to poor women and children. What started out from a church basement, grew to funds being high enough to construct a new and separate building. Today, they are still growing and hosting many programs to meet to needs of destitute women and children. To visit their website and learn more about Oasis, visit http://oasisnj.org/.

My Fine Mind Bogert Donation Image

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