Donation of School Supplies to NYCC

My Fine Mind was able to partner with New York Center for Children, NYCC in order to further both NYCC’s goals as well as My Fine Mind’s.

My Fine Mind is incredibly grateful to have started a new partnership the the New York Center for Children (NYCC). Due to the incredible generosity of the citizens of Secaucus who have donated many supplies to the Secaucus Public Library we were able to reallocate those supplies to the children in need on June 21st. These supplies included pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, binders, etc.

This donation is the first for a new location for My Fine Mind’s education cause: New York. You can learn more about this new location here. NYCC specializes in children who have suffered from severe emotional disturbances allowing this donation to serve a dual purpose. My Fine Mind was not only able to continue focusing on education, but was also able to help NYCC assist children with large emotional stresses. We would like to thank NYCC as well as Secaucus Public Library for not only allowing us to further our cause, but also expand into a new city as well as help with children’s mental health.

my fine mind new york center for children image2

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