Donation of Educational Equipment to Mumbai School

My Fine Mind was able to obtain publications for teachers in an educational institution to gain a firm grasp about how to manage children with disabilities.

My Find Mind has been in partnership with Muskan Foundation for over two months. Muskan Foundation is a foundation that possesses only a trickle of schools throughout Maharashtra, India. Teachers had been soliciting for instructions on how to teach children with visual impairments.

Muskan Foundation has a mission to “maximize the potential of children with multiple disabilities, by providing a nurturing environment that offers customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective, services and equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to sustain the child’s development”. It has been in association with MDVI children since February 2007.

To help us continue to aid Muskan Foundation, and many more, donate now. Your money will help the destitute families and children with multiple disabilities get their present of education this Christmas.

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